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Scanning Electron Microscope
Scanning Electron Microscope
Atomic Absorbtion Spectroscope
Atomic Absorbtion Spectroscope
Laser and Photonics Education Kits
Laser and Photonics Education kits
Thin Film Equipments
Thin Film Equipments
* Anwar Al-Raazi Co, Ltd. is one of the specialized companies in the supply of educational materials and scientific devices, we have extensive experience in this area, our engineers team integrated to provide technical support and after-sales service to the customer, we offer all the educational equipments in the field of physics, science and engineering of lasers, optics, nanotechnology, and all elements and other laboratory devices.

* Anwar Al-Raazi company had succeeded to build genuine partnerships and strong with a lot of international companies to ensure the transfer of expertise and modern equipment and the training of researchers to ensure the success of scientific research in the universities, institutes and research centers.
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Fundamentals of Laser
* We are offering a series of integrated educational experience kits of Laser and optoelectronics in cooperation with professional international companies.

* We offer education kits for:

Fiber optics education kits
Education kits
Physics education kits
Electroptics education kits
Education kits
* We offer a large number of education requirements in the different scientific fields (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mechanics, Electricity...).
* Our company has achieved a number of agreements with international companies to provide modern laboratory devices in different scientific fields:
Gas chromatography
Water purification system
Amino Acid Analyzer
* There are many test and measurement equipment for a different scientific applications (Thin-film, Spectrometer, Nanotecnology, Electronics, Photonics).

Thin-film thickness measurement
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Atomic Force Microscope
Laser power & Energy meter
* We also provide a large number of tools, components and backup for operating the educational laboratories.

Femtosecond laser
Laser system
interferometer kit
Digital Oscilloscope
Detection kit
Optical Chopper
Anwar Al-Raazi Co., Ltd.
For trade the scientific and laboratory equipments
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